Morning After Pill

Updated on 8th January 2013 at 9:20 am


We are aware that patients need quick access to a doctor if they are at risk of an unwanted pregnancy. We are accessible by telephone at the end of morning surgery and if appropriate after a number of pertinent questions we will prescribe the “morning after pill”. In the last few years an effective preparation (levonorgestrel) has been introduced which results in less nausea than the previously prescribed MAP which included an oestrogen preparation. The essential piece of information is the necessity of taking the tablets within 72 hours of the act of intercourse, and preferable as soon as possible within reason.

Good web site for further information about MAP
If 72 hours have elapsed, it is still possible to have a contraceptive coil inserted at the hospital clinic, which will prevent pregnancy. The message is therefore to contact the surgery. The problem will be dealt with in a sympathetic way and most certainly not with any high moral overtones. If this were not the case on contacting the surgery the doctors would be very interested in learning of any problem as we are committed to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies resulting in increasing numbers of requests for termination of pregnancy. To this end, the doctors tend to prescribe twelve months of the oral contraceptive pill at a time as long as there are no reasons for the patient to be reviewed in the interval.

The following community pharmacies can supply emergency contraception under patient direction, free of charge and also to those under 16 years of age.

Any other chemist will charge £25.



Hollywood Ave        Gosforth    2134317    8-10 M-F/8-8 Sat/10-4 Sun



46 Northumberland St Newcastle    2324308    8.30-5.30 Mon-Sat



117 Grainger St         Newcastle    2324929     8.45-5.30 Mon-Sat



2-4 Sidgate              Eldon Sq      2324423     8.00-6.00 M-S (Thursd to 7)



Hotspur Way             Eldon Sq      2329844       8.30-6 M,W,F,Sat

8.30-8.00  Thursd

11.00-5.00  Sund