Updated on 14th July 2011 at 10:10 am


Prescriptions will be ready to collect within 48 working hours of you placing your request.

Prescriptions can be sent by post on receipt of a stamped address envelope.


Prescription Ordering Online

Prescriptions can be ordered online (any time of the night or day) using the following link:


Electronic Prescription Ordering

We use the electronic prescription service (EPS) where your prescription can be sent directly to your nominated pharmacy to save you coming to the surgery to collect it. please inform reception of your chosen pharmacy to use this service.

Please be aware some medications, for example controlled drugs, cannot be sent via EPS.


Prescription Phone Line – 0191 212 0245

Prescriptions can be ordered by phone at any time of the day or night using our dedicated 24 hour  prescription line.

Please do not use this line for prescriptions that are not on regular repeat – for instance, even though you might have had a number of prescriptions for urinary infections in the past, it is unlikely that an antibiotic is on a repeat prescription and contact with your usual doctor would be necessary before a prescription would be available.

If you have recently had your medication changed at a hospital visit, your records may not have been updated as a letter takes time to arrive at the surgery so contact with reception would be needed to confirm that the new medication has been added to your list. Please try to request any new medication a few days before it is needed.

If you would like your dedicated pharmacy to pick up your prescription, you will need to let them know when you order your prescription and let them know it will be ready from 3pm the following working day.


Prescription Hub

We are now taking part in the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals prescription hub.  For more information click here.