Proposed Merger – Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Updated on 7th December 2018 at 11:41 am


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Will there still be the same number of appointments available at my usual practice?

A.  Initially we plan to provide a similar number of appointments at each of the sites. However, being larger may allow us to develop new services and enable us to manage the demand for appointments across both practices more effectively.


Q.  Will I still be able to get an appointment at my usual practice?

A.  The plan is to provide routine care from both sites. However, you could be offered an appointment at either site if this was more convenient or suitable for you. We would like to review the way urgent care is provided to make sure we deliver a responsive service to all our patients. We will update patients regarding any new services in due course.


Q.  Will I still contact my practice on the usual telephone number?

A.  We will review telephone provision to the practices. Until otherwise notified, the existing practice telephone numbers will remain the same.


Q.  Can I still speak to my regular GP or Nurse Practitioner?

A.  Patients will still speak to their usual clinicians. Where individual doctors are leaving, we will work to recruit permanent staff to provide on-going care.


Q.  Will I still be recalled for my chronic disease reviews?

A.  Chronic disease management will not be affected by the proposed merger and you will continue to be recalled as usual.


Q.  What additional benefits will I see?

A.  The larger practice would offer a wider range of clinicians to see. The times of appointments may also be more convenient for some patients. We aim to share resources across both sites, be more resilient to the challenges all practices face, and hopefully expand the services that we are able to provide.


Q.  Will the reception and clinical staff be affected?

A.  The current partners at Holly Medical have decided to not continue after 1 April 2019 and initiated a potential merger to ensure medical services continue to be provided to their patients. We will be engaging with all staff over coming months but do not anticipate significant changes to staff.


Q.  Will the practice opening hours remain the same?

A.  Practice opening hours will continue as normal.


Q.  Will I see any changes to the services currently provided at the practice?

A.  Over the coming months we will identify areas across both practices that could be improved to benefit our patients. We will identify where there is a difference in the care provided, and work to develop a consistent service for all our patients in the future.


Q.  Will the proposed merger affect the care of patients who are housebound?

A.  Community nurses will continue to work closely with both practices as normal.


Q.  Will there be any change to the service we receive from community midwives or health visitors?

A.  We are not anticipating any changes.  The midwives and health visitors are not employed by the practices but will continue to work with both practices as usual to provide care to our expectant mothers and young children.


Q.  Will I still be able to use my usual pharmacy for my prescriptions?

A.  Prescriptions will continue to be managed in the same way and you will still be able to use your preferred pharmacy or dispensary service.


Q.  Will the practice boundaries change, and what will happen to patients living outside those boundaries?

A.  The two practices have similar but not identical boundaries. The practices have previously managed patients living outside their boundaries differently. We will review these and communicate directly with any patients who live outside the newly defined area.


Q.  Do I have the option to change to a different practice if I wish?

A.  We very much hope that all our patients will continue to use the combined practice for their healthcare in future.  If you do prefer to consider other options, a list of other practices in the area is below:


Practice Address Distance from Holly Medical Group (miles by car)
Avenue Medical Practice 5 Osborne Avenue, Jesmond, Newcastle, NE2 1PQ 0.1
Thornfield Medical Group (branch surgery) Shieldfield Health Centre, Shieldfield, Newcastle, NE2 1AL 0.9
Saville Medical Group 7 Saville Place, Newcastle, NE1 8DQ 1.1
Newcastle Medical Centre Within Boots the Chemist, Hotspur Way, Eldon Square, Newcastle, NE1 7XR 1.6
Thornfield Medical Group Molineux Street NHS Centre, Newcastle, NE6 1SG 1.8
Benfield Park Medical Group (branch surgery) Molineux Street NHS Centre, Newcastle, NE6 1SG 1.8
Biddlestone Health Group Biddlestone Road, Heaton, Newcastle, NE6 5SL 2.0
Heaton Road Surgery 17-19 Heaton Road, Heaton, Newcastle, NE6 1SA 2.0
Roseworth Surgery 27-29 Roseworth Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3 1NB 2.1
The Grove Medical Group 1 The Grove, Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3 1NU 2.2
Gosforth Memorial Medical Centre Church Road, Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3 1TX 2.6